About us

Our customer service team are all qualified interior designers so when you speak to us, you know you're speaking to someone who knows what they're talking about and who is really qualified to be giving you advice.

How We Started

The furniture market in the Middle East and GCC is extremely varied, with the key difference lying in the quality of the products sold and the value for money they represent. There are many products out there, which are carelessly, and poorly made from cheap materials and it is often a difficult task knowing the difference between the good quality items and the bad quality items. Therefore we had a thought “What if there was a furniture store, which assured every customer the products they are purchasing are well made, of superior quality and offers great value for money, taking the guessing out of the purchase process?… ” And then Replica by Life was born.

With a team which has been working in the Furniture Industry in the United Arab Emirates for many years, we have well-developed and secure partnerships with the most superior designers, furniture manufacturers and factories in Australia, Europe, Asia and the U.S. We bring together, our expertise, familiarity, experience and deep understanding of the industry, with our lengthy history of servicing residential, commercial and custom clients, to provide you with only the most superior products and services there are in the market.

Another key difference of ours, which is advantageous to our customers, is that our entire customer service team are qualified interior designers, so when you deal with our team members, you can have trust that you are dealing with people who are REALLY qualified to be providing you with advice and know what they speaking about.

Additionally as a company we have taken extreme measures to guarantee our web site design is the best in the market, with unique features, which make the shopping process with us enjoyable and extremely easy. With a commitment to ensuring our customer is nothing but satisfied and happy with our service and products, we offer a 30 day returns policy, an extremely secure login area, which provides you with your up to date order information, a live shipping rate facility for you to constantly see how much the delivery will be costing you and of course secure and trustworthy payments and accounts.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy here at Replica by Life is simple. To provide our customers with an “aesthetic high, without the high price tag.”

Most everyday people believe that in order to reach an aesthetic high they need to have exceedingly high bank balances. However, Replica by Life proves that this not need be the case.

Impeccable design, style and beauty in each product we carefully select, is so affordable because of our competitive prices. Eliminating the middle man, sourcing and buying our products from the factory and designers themselves, rather than purchasing the traditional way, through a wholesaler, who also takes a commission, coupled with having a secure retail online presence, eliminating many costly physical retail stores which have associated overheads; allows us to offer these competitive prices and therefore pass on the substantial savings to our clients.

Furniture is a crucial component to think about when trying to create, originality, fluidity, beauty and attraction in a space. It has the ability to provide that signature look or unique spark, for all who enter your home or office to marvel over. Replica by Life is about this. About providing so many incredibly designed products, which are stunning to the human eye. And with only the finest and latest manufacturing techniques used to make each product, we are committed to providing only the highest quality, at the best possible value.