Estimated delivery times from time of dispatch depend on the countries where the products are being shipped to. Refer to the table given below (please note that all times are in working days):

Delivery time out of the UAE subject to custom clearance.

Abu Dhabi 2-3 Days
Dubai 2-3 Days
Sharjah 2-3 Days
Ajman 2-3 Days
Umm Al Qwain 2-3 Days
Ras Al Kkaimah 2-3 Days
Fujeirah 2-3 Days
Al Ain 2-3 Days
Al Ruwais 2-3 Days
U.A.E 2-3 Days
Saudi Arabia 4-5 Days
Oman 4-5 Days
Kuwait 4-5 Days
Bahrain 4-5 Days